Monday, August 19, 2013

More History

The 74SB was purchased by my parents (Pam & Jerry) on November 23rd 1973 in Owensboro, KY from Van Slyke Volkswagen.  Cost of the car was $3,177.85 with $400.00 of the cost going to towards adding air conditioning...not cheap to be cool! They traded a 72 Oldsmobile Cutlass to get their little slice of orange German engineering.
Here are some pics from right after the 74SB (1974 Super Beetle) arrived at the house.  As you can see the paint is done and it does run, but no interior parts and some exterior work to do as well.  Yes, orange is the factory color.  Also, the bumpers were painted vs. getting new ones. Same with the wheels.

Starting this blog mostly for my purposes, but I figured others might be interested as I go along....
This specific 1974 VW Super Beetle was purchased by my parents in the fall of 1973.  They sold the car sometime in the late 1980's or early 1990's.  Apparently, it wasn't done with them so it returned in the late 1990's. The return of the car accompanied the idea of restoring it to its original glory.  After many years of sitting, this process finally started in late 2011.  The body work, paint job, and motor rebuild were handled by professionals and I will post pictures of that if I can get a hold of them.  Needless to say, the car was in terrible shape before the professionals got a hold of it! I'm happy to report it is much better off now and I've taken over the rebuild to get it over the finish line and that's what this blog will document.

Hang on for the ride - it will be bumpy!